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Trial & Error

Sitcoms don’t dominate prime time television as they used to – AND – half of the ones that are on are reboots instead of a production of original thinking. However, there is a new show on NBC called Trial & Error that’s maintaining the hope for original programming… Story: A New York defense attorney relocates […]


Uncle Drew

If you’re into pro basketball, you likely know the story of Uncle Drew. If not, the long and short is this: When Kyrie Irving was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he decided to pull a prank. He dressed up as an old man… went to a neighborhood basketball court and schooled the kids on the […]


Trickle-Down Economics

I’ve wanted to write about trickle-down economics since the last general election, but, I was having trouble figuring out how to do so without incensing liberals and supporting conservatives. Well, I’m a journalist, so, reporting the facts is the first requirement. But, I remembered something from my contracts class in law school… consideration. If I […]


Hardee’s Memphis BBQ Thickburger

I try fast food to give me more things to write about and because most people eat fast food. Regardless of how good or bad it is for you, most people eat fast food. So my most recent experiment was to try Hardee’s Memphis BBQ Thickburger… Being a professional carnivore, the commercials for this burger […]


Let There Be Light

I recently had to buy light bulbs. If you’re thinking that’s not really a topic for discussion, you haven’t bought light bulbs recently… Do you know the difference between Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, LED and Halogen bulbs? Well, its all very scientific, but, I’m going to attempt to provide you with the abbreviated version… Energy efficiency […]



Subaru Forester


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Netflix Logo

Netflix You!

That even sounds dirty to me… Netflix has officially become a pronoun. You’ve been Netflixed! Before I get into the rational discussion of NETFLIX, I have to note the mass amounts of outrage spewing from former Netflix ...
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District Commons


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The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

I went to see the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in early August, 2011. Luckily, there was a window of time after it was finished and before it was dedicated when it was open to the public. I got in on that window. The first ...
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The Paparazzi…

The first awards show of the year is always the Golden Globes. This year, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted, supposedly for the third and final time. Three must be the magic number – Ricky Gervais hosted three times as well...
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