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One Night in Miami

One Night in Miami is a fictionalized account based on actual events that took place in 1964. Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali. What would have… could have taken place had these four men gathered in a hotel room in Miami in 1964? Actor/Director Regina King sets the stage… Story: Adapted for […]


The Impossible Whopper

I can resist fast food. But I cannot resist Burger King. My latest discovery at Burger King? The Impossible Whopper. Now I’ve been eating Whoppers in volume for more decades than I’d care to say. I was even a Burger King inspector for a management company for a few months in the late ‘80’s. And […]


The Term Diversity & Inclusion is a Bumper Sticker

The term Diversity & Inclusion has served as modern speak for the entire diversity space. Like a bumper sticker… Sounds great but… For the last decade, it’s how our society has greeted the effort to support, encourage, celebrate people from underrepresented groups. But the reality is that it exists as a shelter. A shelter that […]


Take a Knee

I’m not sure what delayed me writing this post considering the subject matter… Maybe because its was so much in the news and I tend to avoid all things news – NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS – But now that the dust has settled, it IS time to give it an audience… So Colin Kaepernick […]


Ethnic TV

I’ve been writing about television a lot lately. It’s a symptom of the fact that my babysitters as a child were a 19 inch Magnavox floor model with retractable doors and a black and white Zenith with rabbit ears. Latest TV milestone: Ethnic TV. I bet they call it that at ABC as well… Maybe […]



Five Guys or Shake Shack?

I do love a good burger. But, as Americans, I think that’s a requirement. I recently wrote a post about a gourmet burger I had at an upscale restaurant in lower Manhattan. It was a $25 burger… Don’t get me wrong, it was g...
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Football Could Be A Deal-Breaker

So BA: My husband is obsessed with Football.  What can I do to get him away from the TV and those endless Football games?     JLA   So JLA: Nothing.  Leave him alone.  Take your credit card and go to the mall with one...
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First Caucus, First Primary

The political process in the U.S. is somewhat complicated. Caucuses and primaries and delegates and electoral votes; Whew! And that’s the process just to elect our officials – once they’re elected, you need a full cor...
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Wickles Pickles

I’m a condiment junkie. If I could shoot mustard into my veins, I would do it. So, I’m always on the lookout for new, interesting condiments… any kind of condiments… in any combination of flavors. I like to ...
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