This is Us is an American sit com that follows the story of a young couple who becomes pregnant with triplets in 1980. They lose one of the triplets, but, adopt a black newborn abandoned and brought to the hospital. The show travels between their youth and present day, giving the viewers a chronicle of how their lives unfold between 1980 and 2016.

Story: This is the next version of thirtysomething. Ironically, the Executive Producer is Ken Olin, who was a cast member on thirtysomething. And while the feeling is similar, the treatment is very much of the current times. The willingness to attack current counterculture is the similarity and This is Us is on fire with reality.

The show creators are being 100% honest in the way they’re telling these stories. The issues surrounding being fat are non-sugar coated and not politically correct. The differences between black people and white people are put on full display without the element of division.

In both cases, the writers point out that the characters are different, but, are sure to treat it like its okay. The characters are flawed and working though it. Every story finds a deeper story and ends up being a lesson in human nature. It seems their point is to figure it out together. It’s an absolute experience in reconciliation.

Characters: Kevin, Kate and Randall are the triplets. Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and Sterling K. Brown. Their parents are Jack and Rebecca Pearson played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore. All of the characters are endearing and likable.

Randall is married with a successful career and two daughters, Kevin is a famous Hollywood actor turns Broadway stage actor and Kate is their sister who’s life is consumed by being overweight. Every other storyline flows from the triplets.

Visual: This is a show that travels across decades of time. It started out not giving an indication of time, but, the ironic twist is that, the show begins in 1980 without us actually knowing. The creators used wardrobe and props and social norms of the 1980’s like the ability to smoke in a hospital to reveal the time. Very well done…

Rating: A+. This is Us is one of the best quality shows television has seen in years. Especially with the flood of reality tv, scripted series seemed to be disappearing. But, I am delighted to report that there will always be a place for good writing. As long as there are people like me who are still willing to create new stories, there will always be an audience.

Put This is Us on your DVR and watch it every week. Consider it your contribution to original thinking…