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September 7, 2011

NFL Season Opener 2011

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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First game of the season… The New Orleans Saints vs. the Green Bay Packers. The last two Superbowl champions. How awesome is that for a season opener. Especially after all the BS over the player lockout. But then the game began and the excitement was over for me quickly. I was very surprised at how unevenly matched this game began.

I was expecting the Saints to be much better than they were. Or maybe I had underestimated exactly how good the Packers are? Either way, it took me by surprise. I mean, the Packers ran over the Saints like it was the running of the bulls in spain.

Some of it may be the fact that GB scored three touchdowns in the first quarter while NO only scored one. Yes, NO did a good job of coming back from near disaster, but, it still seemed like a frantic return to save face. GB had half of their points before the first quarter was over. Then thereafter scored one touchdown a quarter and that’s all they needed to do. And let’s not forget Randall Cobb’s kickoff return in the third quarter. 108 yards? CRAZY…

I hope this is not an indication of how the entire season is going down. I rather like games that are decided over the course of four quarters, not in the first. Way to come out swinging Green Bay!