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Call Me By Your Name

This movie and review are going to be difficult for me… The depth of this film has me paralyzed… I feel like words are just not enough, but, here we go… Call Me By Your Name is a love story. An unconventional love story. It represents a moment in time between two people that they […]

Hell or High Water Crime

Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water is a film about two brothers in West Texas who resort to robbing banks to save their family ranch after their mother’s death. It’s a family film… 🙂 Story: Written by Taylor Sheridan, this film is very, very, very Texas. He either did a ton of research, hired authentic West Texas […]

Marc Forgione Restaurants

Marc Forgione

There is a section of NYC that is just so under the radar. It’s the triangle at the bottom of Manhattan between W. Broadway, the Westside highway and Canal Street. Basically Battery Park and Tribeca with a few extra streets added in. I love it. And two of my friends found this restaurant called Marc […]

Hill Country Restaurants

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Hill Country Barbecue Market is a new restaurant with locations in Washington, D.C. and New York City. I visited the WDC location, which, is on 7th street in downtown. Great location because, the Verizon Center and Gallery Place are one block up the street. It’s a really lively area at all times. They should do […]

2011-Volvo-XC60-R-Design Automotive

Volvo XC60 R-Design

Still on the hunt for a new SUV… So I drove the Volvo XC60 R-Design. It was completely different than I expected. It was everything I want in an SUV. Compact, strong acceleration, tight steering – sporty inside and out. It also goes without saying that the fit and finish were great, instrumentation great and […]



Harry Smith is the Final Straw

The last time I wrote about Harry Smith was to say CBS should have made their newscast, The CBS Evening News with Harry Smith. They didn’t do that and now, Harry Smith is at NBC News. I just watched him fill in for Lester Hol...
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station 4

Station 4


Bottom Line 2.5 / 5 - Average
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Financial Crisis

S&P Who? S&P What?

A few years ago, I wrote an account of my experience with an investment firm. At the beginning of August, I had the great pleasure to speak to the debate over the economy and in that post, I referenced the role investment firms...
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The Devil’s Double


Our Review 3 / 5 - Above Average
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The Debate Over the Economy

I have made a point not to write about the debt ceiling or the national debt or the shenanigans of our national elected officials until today, August 2, 2011. Why? Because I knew they would string this out until the last minute...
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