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The 90th Academy Awards

In what has become a Communicado standard, it’s time to review The Academy Awards. 90 years of Oscars for 2018. Sit back and relax… First, I want to say that this year was devoid of drama. I didn’t feel like they were trying to make a point or prove something. Even with last year’s snafu […]

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More on Guns…

I haven’t written about guns for a few years now and I’ve kept my last post about guns in the Communicado spotlight to make a point. My plan was to keep it there until our legislators figured out how to be proactive about gun control. Since that’s not happening and we’re still watching innocent men, […]

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Guns and Violence

Over a three month period, we had three mass, public shootings: The Colorado movie theatre shooting, the mall shooting in Minnesota and most tragically, the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Parents, teachers, community leaders all say we need more strict gun laws; The NRA says it’s the fault of the health community and the entertainment […]



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