In the Mix

October 23, 2011

Saints vs. Colts: Re-match of Super Bowl XLIV

This is not how it went down the first time… Same outcome, different details.

62-7. WTF. I said I thought this season was going to be an exercise in extremes. Extremes it is…

I really feel for the Colts. They’re just so deflated without Peyton Manning leading the charge. And, that’s to be expected to a degree – I mean, he’s one of the best QB’s in the league. It’s like the Patriots when Tom Brady got hurt – a significant drop in locomotion.

During the pre-game, Bob Costas did an interview where Dallas Clark was trying his best to keep hope alive, but, it was clear – without Peyton, they’re not hopeful. “Winless Colts try to regroup after embarrassing loss to Saints.” That was one of the headlines on “Winless,” I think, is the hardest part.

But, kudos to the Saints for capitalizing on the opportunity. Drew Brees threw for 5 TD’s. He really commanded the game. Steady, controlled, focused. Did a good job. Curtis Painter on the other hand…

He’s a young guy, still learning how to QB at the NFL level. Dallas Clark was clear to make that distinction between Painter and Manning. He even went as far to say that Kerry Collins, while more experienced as and NFL QB, wasn’t as familiar with the team. Painter got the nod for comfort level with the players, but, experience is still on the horizon. But, now that Kerry Collins is injured, the team better close the gap in the horizon if they want to win any games.

So, now the issue is, were the colts out-coached or out-played? According to the NFL, the focus could be on the out-coached part. Talk is already swirling about whether coach Caldwell will be around when Peyton returns. I think that talk is premature. Let’s see what happens over the rest of the season and deal with that issue getting ready for next year.

I guess this is just another example that if you take away your strongest link, what do you have left? There’s no I IN TEAM? Peyton Manning is the I IN TEAM for the Colts. Sad…