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July 1, 2011

The CBS Evening News

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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So, I’m a news snob. And, having spent the better part of a decade hunting down news, I feel justified as such. My favorite – The CBS Evening News… sorta.

I grew up watching CBS local and national news. They always seemed to have the best overall newscasts, even before I knew what that was supposed to look like. Even through the Dan Rather years – not a fan – CBS always had the best correspondents, which made the show. But, I can never get all things to line up… let me explain.

Dan Rather was a horrible anchor, but, they had good correspondents and the producers put the shows together well. Then Katie Couric came along – liked her as the anchor – but they lost the good correspondents. Now Scott Pelley is the anchor – not so much – the correspondents are just okay and the producers aren’t stacking the shows out of the ballpark. Easy answer is to just change the channel, right? Let me further explain…

The night-time leader in newscasts is Brian Williams. Brian Williams is a nice man. I’ve met him. Nice man. But, I sense that their producers suck, they stack the shows like pringles and between Brian attempting to be “folksy” and what appears to be mediocre writers, the words just don’t flow so well. Just my opinion.

Then there’s Diane Sawyer. I can’t watch her because she always looks like she’s in pain as she delivers the news. HOWEVER, ABC World News has outrageous good correspondents and the producers and writer are A+ putting the shows together. Why can’t they just get an anchor that doesn’t induce squinting?

So, the verdict is: Scott Pelley is awesome as a 60 Minutes correspondent, but, CBS should leave it at that. He admits that he’s not an anchor, so… The 60 Minutes magic isn’t going to work if the magician doesn’t have any tricks…

The new show should be called: The CBS Evening News with Harry Smith. Who’s with me?