Communicado is an online magazine published by BA concepts, LLC. It’s written blog-style to mix modern technology with old-school publishing, but, it also gives me the opportunity to mix substantive journalistic principles with 21st Century topics. And, it’s interactive to give you the readers the opportunity to express your voice on the topics you find interesting. I want to hear what you have to say too.

Another element of Communicado is that it exists in opposition to news – it’s all features. I spent 10 years of my life chasing the news and writing stories about all the bad things happening in the world. Communicado is here to keep us talking about some of the cool and interesting things happening in the world. At Communicado, no news is good news…

Let’s face it – the days of hard-copy print magazines are numbered. As a person who has always loved magazines, I am disheartened. But, as a businessman, I understand and accept that an industry can only survive through progress. I believe Communicado is the embodiment of that progress.

To that end, I chose the name Communicado because it’s only defined as the antonym of the word incommunicado – without means of communication. Communicado IS my means of communication with you. Please enjoy my voice…

Billy Abshaw
BA concepts, LLC