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July 30, 2012

Ocean Spray Cranberry

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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I’ve been drinking Ocean Spray Cranberry combinations since I was in college. Not just as a casual consumer – I’m a loyal, committed consumer. I’ve tried every Cranberry combination; Cran*Apple, Cran*Grape, Can*Cherry… White*Cran*Peach, Cran*Pomegranate*Cherry – you get the point.

Now, occasionally, I go back to plain cranberry, just to reset my palate due to the volume of flavor combinations I try. And I keep a bottle of plain cranberry in my pantry as back up… In case I have an emergency or something and need cranberry juice… 🙂

But, I recently came across a new combination that blew me away… cranberry with a hint of lime. It’s the best cranberry flavor I’ve every had.

And to illustrate how significant a difference this combination made for me, I will refer to the OTHER new Ocean Spray offerings I’ve tried recently. For instance, they now produce just juice flavors like blueberry and cherry which are both just as good as their cranberry siblings, but, not standouts from their siblings.

Ocean Spray has also now gotten into the sparkling juice drink category and the energy drink category. Also good, but, not standouts against their siblings. I will go as far to say they are standouts against their competition thanks to the health benefits. Especially the energy drinks which rely on natural caffeine from green tea extract as opposed to things I can’t pronounce.

But, the sensation I get from cranberry with lime is the same as what I get from drinking booze. I think the best way to describe it is… if you’re a drinker, it’s like having the perfect cocktail without the alcohol and the potential hangover. Add in the health benefits of Lime over Vodka and, it’s a win-win.

So, I think the moral of this story is – don’t think the more exotic you get in flavors is better… sometimes you just need the right two elements to strike the perfect balance.

Go get a bottle!



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  1. rmaslikhov

    Still to much sugar in all of these pre-packaged juices, and they all taste too artificial to me. Here is what I will do though, juice some fresh cranberries and a lime, mix it together, chill it and drink it! #JUICERFORLIFE

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