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January 19, 2012

Burger King’s New Fries

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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I love Burger King. It’s my favorite of the fast-fast food chains. I could eat Whoppers everyday – in fact, when I was in college, there was a BK near the campus and I did eat a Whopper a day. And I still love them… never gets old.

But, I’ve never been in love with their fries. As everyone knows, McDonald’s fries are the best period. It’s one of those things that has taken on a life unto itself. Even the healthiest eater has the occasional McDonald’s fries. Don’t lie – I do and you know you do. It’s the only exception to the fake food/bad food rule. 🙂

Now that we’ve owned that vice, back to BK fries…

BK has tried hard to reinvent their fries several times. But, now, I think they’ve gotten the hint; Don’t try to replicate McDonald’s fries – you can’t. Just go a different direction all together. And that did it…

BK’s new thick cut fries are great. They’re different than any other fast food chains. I tried to compare them to Wendy’s, but, there’s still something different about them. It’s like they’re a combination of Wendy’s consistency with a taste closer to McDonald’s.
(I said closer, not like – We just talked about that, remember!)

And BK is now starting delivery? The word is orders are restricted to food and bottled drinks only – no shakes and no breakfast. 11am – 10pm; Minimum order has to be $10, within 10 miles/10 minutes and there’s a $2 delivery fee. Got it. Test market is Washington, D.C.

Convenient; I live in the test market – might have to give it a try. I’ll get back to you on how this goes. But for now, give their new fries a try. It’s a good effort by BK to reinvent themselves and stay competitive.

I like the way they’re trying to up their game – it’s the only way to win. As I’ve said to many of my clients in the past: Your goal is not to match your competition, it’s to beat your competition. If you’re doing the same thing as them, you’re MATCHING something for which they BEAT you to the punch.

Good job BK…