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November 5, 2013


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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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CineBistro is a movie theater. No, it’s a restaurant. No, its a movie theater with a restaurant in it or a restaurant with a movie theater in it? Dammit its both!

In my travels down the east coast, I came across CineBistro. It’s an upscale version of the table service style movie theater. Really nice.

Now normally, I do reviews of restaurants and movies and since I dined and saw a movie, it would follow that this post be a review. I’m not going to do that, I’m just going to describe my experience and let you review it if you happen by one…

My first thought was that it was high time someone up the game on this genre. We’ve all been to the movie theaters where you can get a pizza and some wings with your pitcher of beer while you watch Ghostbuster. Nothing special.

But CineBistro is clean, well decorated, has good ambiance and shows first run movies. And they serve real booze, not just beer.

I can also give them an A+ for cuisine. I had a steak and washed it down with a slice of caramelized banana cheesecake. Steak was great – did not like the cheesecake. It must have been the banana as I would have cheesecake as my last meal on my death bed.

And I got drunk. I’m exaggerating – I’m a professional drinker, we don’t get drunk… we get friendly… 😉

My only complaint was that the server didn’t return to see if I wanted even more drinks. Their philosophy is not to interrupt once the movie has begun and dinner service does all take place before the movie begins, but, for me, the fun in this type of experience is drinking through the entire movie.

I’m gonna let that go as well though – in a traditional movie theater, you have to get your own refills as well, so…

In all, I was quite impressed and hope to see more of this type of moviegoing experience. I had a chance to talk to the General Manager and he did tell me that the company is expanding… look for one in your area and go for sure.

Warning: This was not an inexpensive affair. Be prepared to dish out even more money than a traditional theater. Yes, a night at the movies is already breaking the bank… You’ll need to think of this more like a night out at an expensive restaurant with good entertainment… Don’t consider doing this every time you see a movie. CineBistro is for special occasions – It’s a splurge and worth it…