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January 23, 2012

Dr. Pepper Ten

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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I’ve been injecting Dr. Pepper into my blood stream since I was about seven. Like many of my food vices, it’s the only soda/soft drink/pop I will drink. But, I restrict how much so as not to over-saturate the joy. And now there’s a new version of the PEPPER… Dr. Pepper Ten.

So, I’ve tried a few different versions of Dr. Pepper; Berries & Cream, Cherry Vanilla, now Ten. All good, just different combinations of the original formula. Ten is the original 23 ingredients like regular Dr. Pepper, but, it only has ten calories. I read the label. It doesn’t say anything about artificial sweeteners, so my guess is that they used less sugar.

I won’t drink anything that has artificial sweeteners in it. Diet sodas are complete subterfuge. If it’s not the fake taste, it’s the false sense of security that you’re saving calories and it’s better for you. It’s no better for you than regular soda. In fact, I would bet it’s worse because artificial sweeteners are just a combination of chemicals while real sugar in moderation is healthier. It’s not a shock to your system. Dr. Oz said so.

The taste is really close to regular Dr. Pepper and it doesn’t taste like diet. But, there is a slight difference that confirms the maker took something out or substituted something. What, I don’t know. To be comprehensive, I have tasted Diet Dr. Pepper and while it does have that “diet” taste to it, it’s still better than most. I think its the 23 original ingredients that I like regardless of how it gets sweetened.

So, Dr. Pepper Ten gets a B from me. It’s good – better than diet if you’re into diet, but, I’m not into diet. I plan to stay on my regular Dr. Pepper schedule which is in moderation. Realistically, it’s the best option of the bad-for-you-drinks options. Interim, keep the fruit juices flowing, keep the water flowing and you won’t need to feel bad about the occasional Dr. Pepper. I don’t.