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September 11, 2011

Jets vs. Cowboys

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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So far, the 2011 NFL season is really causing some controversy. First, the lockout. Then, the season opener is in a battle for TV time with THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Now, I’m having cardiac arrest just watching the games.

That is unusual unless I’m watching my beloved Browns. The cardiac kids never fail to deliver, which, is why the Jets are my backup team. The Jets are not supposed to give me cardiac arrest too. But, they opened the season against the Dallas Criminals – I mean Cowboys, outfitting me for a pacemaker. I was so deflated by halftime. Just slow and filled with mistakes. Mark Sanchez was letting me down.

As a Clevelander, I’m conditioned to wait out ALL games of sport until the last second. Good thing I did this time as well or I’d be feeling really unfulfilled. The Jets kept moving forward and the Cowboys seemed to call it a day sometime during the third quarter. 17 points in the fourth quarter for the Jets. So this is the opposite of the season opener where the Packers scored 21 points in the first quarter. I thought the extremes were for the Browns…

And welcome back Plaxico Burress. Stupid aside, the guy has skills. I’m looking forward to watching him burn up the field this season. And a last minute interception to allow the clock to run down works for me. Jets win 27-24. Always glad to see the Cowboys lose. I’ll take it.