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June 25, 2016

More on Guns…

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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I haven’t written about guns for a few years now and I’ve kept my last post about guns in the Communicado spotlight to make a point. My plan was to keep it there until our legislators figured out how to be proactive about gun control. Since that’s not happening and we’re still watching innocent men, women and most tragically, children getting gunned down for no reason, I have to continue to update the conversation.

But I have now done some additional research into the topic… from the other perspective…

I recently went to a gun range and shot target practice. This was my first experience with hand guns. Previously, my only experience with firearms was as a Boy Scout, with a rifle, outside, laying down. This experience was the opposite feeling…

But that wasn’t the part that gave me the most pause… it was the environment that was the gun range. The regulations, the restrictions the rules and guidelines for which you could participate in the activity were astounding.

It was an extremely controlled environment.

Additionally, the people were very focused on making sure patrons in the building were there responsibly and acted responsibly. No rapid fire, no cell phone use, no food or drink in shooting bays.

And while these all seem like reasonable rules and common sense, it still came as a surprise.

The suggestion with adamant second amendment supporters is that they are radical gun owners and users with no limits to their support or use. Likewise, the suggestion with adamant gun control activists is that there’s no control over gun use and as such, gun use should stop just short of being banned and users should be heavily censored.

This experience has opened my eyes to moderation. Most extremes tend toward exaggeration. This is no exception. Guns aren’t the problem. People are the problem…

The people who worked at the gun range were very professional, friendly and mindful of what they were doing. This is the reality of gun enthusiasts.

The second amendment gives all citizens the right to bear arms. Yes, when the Constitution was written, there were no AK47’s, but, there were rifles and hunting was the norm. Animal rights activists don’t get to pass judgement on people who choose to hunt and hunters don’t get to keep animal rights activist from preserving animal life.
The only thing we all get to do is preserve and protect the Constitution. I’m glad I stopped long enough to consider both perspectives first hand.

So I go back to keeping watch over the people who SHOULDN’T have access to guns. Mental illness, novice users, emotionally unstable… these are the people who should be in our sights…