I recently watched a French film called, Heartbreaker. It was really cool. Full disclosure: I am a bit of a Francophile. I love France and almost everything about it. I hope to be able to live there one day – sooner than later. But, enough about me, back to Heartbreaker…

It’s the story of a single man whose profession is to break up couples. Sounds heartwarming, No? Alex is his name, and his sister and brother-in-law are his accomplices. They stage different scenarios based on the subjects’ whereabouts and interests. It’s how they get into THE MARK’s good graces. All sounds quite pat, right?

So now the obvious – after all, they are technically con-artists. Because they stage such elaborate scenarios, their expenses are higher than their income. Bad management. So of course, Alex owes someone money, but, I’m not sure for what. Not relevant anyway.

The movie starts with a series of quick scores as set-up. The bulk of the movie is about a wealthy man who wants his daughter’s wedding stopped. They have two weeks to stop it. The antics are hilarious and in the end, Alex falls for the girl. Not giving away any other details… you’ll have to see it to find out what happens in the end…

BUT, there were some scenes and detail that just can’t be overlooked…

Alex is no James Bond. He’s kinda ratty looking and he’s a little dude – not that little can’t be effective, but… Really cheesy, like what most people think of as Eurotrash. How he’s successful at getting these women attracted to him is a mystery to me, but, his charms work. I guess it’s a testament to the subjects’ inner voice telling her to get out of the relationship anyway.

Also, all of the music is in english. I watch a lot of foreign films and this is the first that had no music in the language of the country where is was shot. And the groom was English. It was a nice blend of cultures.

And the most outrageous was a scene where Alex re-enacts one of the dance scenes from Dirty Dancing, knowing that THE MARK loves the movie. It’s ridiculous, but entertaining.

Overall, a really well done film. The mix of subjects and subject matter, the humor, the music – clever and original. Too bad more films like this don’t get into mainstream theatres. Get it on DVD – just not from Netflix. LMAO.