While this show is currently on a popularity high, there could be people out there who don’t know what it is… So I will give it the full treatment. House of Cards is a Netflix original series about the U.S. Federal government’s dance between the legislative and executive branches.

A high-ranking congressman and his ambitious wife aspire to the highest office in the land and do whatever they must to get there.

Story: The deal-making, the lying, the cheating, the manipulating… It’s another political series. It’s an interesting story, but, there’s something wrong with it. I’m not sure if it’s the pace or if it’s the creativity, but, something about this story leaves me unfulfilled.

There also seems to be no commitment to character development. Other than the congressman and his wife, everyone else is expendable. So, unless you love the central couple, you can’t get connected to anyone else. And if you do find a character with which you identify, be careful, they’ll be gone shortly.

This is no Seinfeld where the central character is the least important…

Performances: Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as his wife Claire are great. They do a convincing job of being likable sometimes and despicable others. Both will continue to get nominated for awards for as long as the show runs. And that’s where it ends. None of the other characters are around long enough to be sure they can create a range for their role.

Visual: It looks like Washington, D.C. They look like Washington power-players. But, it’s shot in Baltimore with DC cutaways. For those of us who’ve lived in WDC, there are little details that aren’t quite right. But, if you haven’t lived in WDC, you won’t know the difference.

And the truth is, even if you do notice little things, it’s irrelevant because the point of continuity is to simulate and recreate the look and feel. Shooting in Baltimore is cheaper and easier and you get the same thing. Netflix gets and A+ for continuity as far as I’m concerned.

Rating: House of Cards gets a C-/D+ from me. I just don’t like it. I know it’s President Obama’s favorite show and its hugely popular, but, it’s not working for me. One scene in particular between the congressman, his wife and their secret service agent really sent me over the edge. That and the random murder of the only character I really liked… just can’t do it. In fact, as political series’ go, it’s my least favorite.

Ironically, I did a recent review of the show Political Animals from Showtime that I loved; It got canceled after the first season. It was much more thoughtful and much less homicidal – not that many people are being taken out on Capital Hill. Exposed for their transgressions – YES – plied with drinks until drunk then left in their running car to die – NO. I believe that people are getting paid off and bribed, but, the District is not a mob state. Not many people end up at the bottom of the Potomac… Unless you’re on House of Cards…

So no recommendation on whether to see it or not… I’ll let you watch it and tell me what you think…