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July 17, 2011

Netflix You!

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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Netflix Logo

That even sounds dirty to me…

Netflix has officially become a pronoun. You’ve been Netflixed! Before I get into the rational discussion of NETFLIX, I have to note the mass amounts of outrage spewing from former Netflix consumers. I’m not sure what made anyone at Netflix think a 50% increase in charges would just slide by. This is just the wrong time for that…

I love Netflix. Been a subscriber since 2003, before it became a household brand. I currently have almost 700 titles in my queue – 388 in DVD; 277 in instant. I’m not starting over again. The truth is, I found it a real-deal that I could have streaming for free. That was until I tried to actually watch streaming.

Netflix instant streaming blows. The picture quality is somewhat grainy, it doesn’t fast forward or rewind very well and it buffers constantly. Yesterday, it wouldn’t load at all. Currently, free means I’m getting my money’s worth. So, by September, will it be working better since I will be paying for it? I bet not…

While I’m not currently prepared to cut the chord, I am prepared to start looking around for other movie rental services. I may even go back to DVD’s in the mail because the streaming is not quality enough to pay for. This creates a perfect business opportunity for the competition. Netflix has basically leveled the playing field – Blockbuster needs to sieze the day.

Hypothesis: Netflix will retract the new charges for something in the middle. If they don’t, there will be a whole host of new players in the field. Just what I think…