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atomic-blonde Action/Adventure

Atomic Blonde

Spy movies are always and adventure. Fast, physical and somewhat elegant. Atomic Blonde is the adventure of an MI6 agent sent to Berlin to retrieve the bodies of two murdered agents as a front for actually continuing their assignments to retrieve a damaging list of international double agents. The film is set in 1989 in […]

lincoln-pickup-and-delivery Consumer

Pickup & Delivery Service: WHAT!

So the Lincoln Motor Company has decided to introduce a new service called Lincoln Pickup & Delivery. Instead of explaining it, here’s what they posted on their website about this new “ownership experience:” An effortless door-to-door experience. We know your time is valuable. That’s why Lincoln makes moving through life seamless with our new pickup […]

Baby-Driver Action/Adventure

Baby Driver

I love to drive. I’ve been doing it since I was ten. I also love cars which is of course, convenient to the act of driving… So I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see the movie Baby Driver. It’s about a young guy who is the getaway driver for a band of bank thieves… […]

Barano Restaurants


There’s a new restaurant in Brooklyn called Barano. For those of you familiar with Brooklyn, it’s in Williamsburg. Now that Williamsburg has become fashionable and trendy, there’s no end to the new adventures you can find there… Barano is one of them… Atmosphere: Barano is a medium-small restaurant. I’ve been to much smaller and certainly […]

Four Points Las Vegas Hotels

Four Points Las Vegas

I love Las Vegas! I even love saying I love Las Vegas! BUT, I do Vegas differently than most… I don’t stay in the big, casino hotels anymore unless I’m there on business and everything I need to do is in that hotel. Otherwise, I try to stay at hotels without casinos and visit every, […]



Mercedes-Benz GLK


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