In the Mix

February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

I’m going to start out honestly: I am not a Baltimore Ravens fan nor am I a San Francisco 49ers fan; I’m also not a Beyonce fan, so, this Super Bowl didn’t have a lot for me. Here’s what I took away…

I decided to pretend the teams were anonymous just to appreciate the sport of the event. That worked for most of the game, but, at some point, I found myself pulling for the 49ers. Evidence that my disdain for the Ravens supersedes all.

My next attempt was to mute the game and watch the commercials. That was fun. Enjoyed that. Especially when the stadium lights went out. That alone will make this a memorable Super Bowl. AND, it shut the game down long enough for the Ravens to lose momentum. 🙂

Of note: John Harbaugh is a revolver. When the lights went out, he cussed out some dude on the field like he meant it. I still had it on mute and Harbaugh wasn’t miked, but, I got his point loud and clear.

And when the game resumed – 35 minutes later – the 49ers started coming back and almost stole the show. But-for that last drive, they redeemed themselves like champs. Overall, not thinking about who the teams were, it was a pretty good battle. Too bad the Ravens won.

The halftime show… I can’t hate too much, I did enjoy some parts of it. Like the Destiny’s Child reunion. The second casting of Destiny’s Child, not the first. Would have been really good had they reached all the way back to Bug-a-Boo and Bills, Bills, Bills.

And finally, the verdict on the true stars of the Super Bowl – THE COMMERCIALS! The massive amounts of money generated by the Super Bowl come from the commercials, so, they really are the true stars. Better this year than the last two – last year was all animals and the year before was all babies. This year, they balanced them a bit better while still being as sensational and cheesy as possible. Gotta love Madison Avenue for being as opportunistic as they can…

Now it’s over until next year. We get a fresh start in the Fall and a preview this spring when the draft takes place. It was a disappointing season because so many of the best and beloved teams blew it. Just watching the Ravens play and squeak by each week was painful. I don’t think the two best teams in the NFL were in the Super Bowl this year; It was the two luckiest teams this year.

Being from Cleveland and being a die-hard Browns fan I’ve become accustomed to one thing for sure… There’s always next year… 🙂