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September 9, 2020

The Impossible Whopper

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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I can resist fast food. But I cannot resist Burger King. My latest discovery at Burger King? The Impossible Whopper.

Now I’ve been eating Whoppers in volume for more decades than I’d care to say. I was even a Burger King inspector for a management company for a few months in the late ‘80’s. And still, I never tired of the Whopper.

I’m a beef eater. I’m also a Beefeater, but that’s neither here nor there… 🍸
So naturally, I saw no value in something called meat that wasn’t actually meat. But coupons are real, so I decided to give it a try…

VERDICT: It tastes like meat. I couldn’t tell the difference.

Well then I had to look this thing up. Here’s what the Impossible Foods company has to say about it:

We discovered what makes meat taste like meat. Then we figured out how to make meat from plants. Delicious and better for you and the planet.

In hindsight, I likely should have looked up what I was eating BEFORE I ate it, but, again, it’s Burger King… can do no wrong with me…

But the company also makes chicken and pork. Not sure where I’ll have the occasion to try either, but, I’m sold on the Impossible Whopper.

No, this does not mean I won’t be eating actual beef Whoppers anymore. I did say coupons are real, yes? And so are double cheeseburgers and whopper jr.’s when I’m eating light…

This means, for all those people out there who are vegan or vegetarian, you too can be a victim to Burger King’s charms…

You’re welcome Burger King… 😘