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July 3, 2013

The Zesty Guy

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Written for: Communicado Magazine
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So, Kraft has this new ad campaign called, The Zesty Guy. It’s this young guy with model looks cooking with Kraft Zesty salad dressing. It’s provocative… Kraft has decided to sell sex and some people are taking issue with it. WTF.

So, women have been exploited into selling sex for DECADES. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of commercials and ads depicting women as sex symbols – much more so than men. Now a company has decided to flip-the-script for a change and its disgusting? Where’s the beef?!

The beef is that we’ve become too sensitive as a society. Political correctness has killed creativity and genuineness. The fact is that the ads are quite funny. Just like the Old Spice guy ads. If I’m not mistaken, the Old Spice guy was accepted as funny from the beginning, so, why isn’t this? So the guys shirt gets caught in a salad spinner, leaving him without one… He said oops… its funny…

Is it because women want men to smell good, so a half naked man selling soap and deoderant makes sense while a half naked man selling salad dressing doesn’t? When Cindy Crawford wore cut-off shorts with two young boys watching her drinking a Diet Pepsi then rubbing the can on her cleavage, where were the outraged mothers? Did that make men want to drink Diet Pepsi? Or rather, women so they could look like Cindy Crawford? WTF again…

It’s all for the purpose of a fantasy. No man can have Cindy Crawford except Randy Gerber and ladies, drinking Diet Pepsi is never going to make you look like Cindy Crawford. No news there. In fact, I would think women’s groups would love the ads because women get to be the exploiter instead of exploited.

Men’s strip clubs are perceived as dirty. Women’s male review clubs are perceived as fun. (Notice they’re called male review) These ads should work just fine.

I’m giving Kraft an A+ for creativity… an A+ for humor… and an A+ for stepping out there period – politically correct or not. Hopefully they’ll come up with more ads like this that are more about the humor than the politics…