Step Up Revolution is the continuing story of street dancers. This is the fourth installment of a franchise that seems to be poised to continue going and going and going. This version is set in Miami and focuses on two best friends who’ve started a dance crew called, The Mob. Their goal is to win a contest which calls for 10,000 hits on YouTube. Whoever gets there first, wins $1 million dollars.

Story: It seems the writers and producers get better and better about telling these stories. While they have the same constant – young guy who’s gotta dance and meets a girl who’s gotta dance – they find new locales… and give the main characters new circumstances that seem to work. This one is simple: Rich man owns the hotel where the best friends work and his daughter happens to be a dancer. Boy meets girl and they DANCE off into the sunset… 🙂

Characters: Ryan Guzman and Misha Gabriel play the best friends and the girl is played by Katherine McCormick. All unknowns, but, all phenomenal dancers. I heard Ryan Guzman had no prior dance training for this film. Surprising when you see how well he performs. Adam Sevani or Moose from Step up 3D returns for a cameo and is said to be joining Ryan Guzman in the next installment of the Step up series. All very likable characters and very entertaining performers…

Visual: It’s a dance film so it better look good. The dance sequences are very entertaining and the Miami backdrop is as Miami is always – the land of the pretty people. Because I love the arts, I’ll always be fascinated by the next great idea in performance. This film doesn’t disappoint. Clever moves surrounded by overall unique performances.

Rating: I give Step Up Revolution a B-. That’s only because I like this genre like I like teen high school movies. Nothing ground breaking here. But, if you’re like me and have a strange affection for these kinds of films, then you’ll be very pleased. Get this on DVD for sure – you’ll need to be ready for Step Up 5 when it hits theaters.