Seth MacFarlane is at it again… His latest farce is called A Million Ways to Die in the West. MacFarlane plays a sheep farmer living in the West in 1881 and vividly showcased the many ways people met untimely deaths during that time. It’s also a little bit of a love story…

Story: Seth MacFarlane’s movies are alway so very clever. They’re also so very raunchy which makes for a really interesting combination. Weave in his interest in odd details, like the way people had to live in 1881 and he never loses your attention. MacFarlane details the inconveniences – like out houses and highlights the little things that seemed huge then, but are minor now – like the value of one dollar.

He really did a great job of being educational, offensive and filthy all in one film. He also managed to include a scene where he goes on a psychadelic trip. It was a little out of place, but, you’ll get the point.

Performances: Seth MacFarlane is always great. He’s just a natural funny man in a nerd suit. Giovanni Ribisi is also his usual weird guy funny. There are even a few cameos like Ryan Reynolds and Jamie Foxx. Neil Patrick Harris plays the annoying rival who’s stolen MacFarlane’s girlfriend and Charlize Theron plays the new lady in town who takes to the sheep farmer. Liam Neeson plays Theron’s gun-slinging husband and the most notorious outlaw in the west. They all succeed at bringing irreverence to what should be otherwise normal roles.

Visual: The costumes are spot-on. The saloons are exact and the scenery is authentic. It’s also interesting to see some special effects in a movie set in 1881. But, MacFarlane is a cartoonist… he’s never gonna make a movie without some special effect in it.

Rating: I give this movie a solid B. It’s really funny, but, kinda vile. A little disgusting and a little corny. Classic Seth MacFarlane. This is another of the kind of movie that only a Seth MacFarlane fan could love. See it if you’re a fan…