Jobs is the story of Steve Jobs; Founder of Apple Computer. It starts with his time as a student at Stanford and ends with him re-gaining control of Apple.

Story: I’m having trouble defining this story. There’s nothing specific that stands out in the story, but, you get the point once its done. I think most notable is that the writers capture Steve Jobs volatility. They also capture his individual brilliance which is clearly a dividing line between him and everyone else.

The cliche’s however; He didn’t like to wear shoes as a young man in the middle 1970’s… He didn’t like to shower as a young man in the middle 1970’s… He didn’t want to be in college as a young man in the middle 1970’s… They built the company from his garage. Maybe they were the first to build their company from a garage, so, that might not be a cliche, but, overall, it’s just a telling of someone’s story. The facts of his life are where the quality exists…

Performances: Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs is really quite well cast. He looks amazingly like Jobs. However, he doesn’t pass the performance test – I could still see Ashton Kutcher playing to role of Steve Jobs. The only other character of note is Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak. He has some great lines, but, Josh who?

Other smaller roles are filled by Dermot Mulroney, Matthew Modine and many, many unknown actors, but, nothing of note in their performances.

Visual: Again, this is basically the telling of someone’s story and it happens to be Steve Jobs. The props are authentic as are the costumes. The thing I noticed the most – per usual – is his Mercedes S class and his Porsche 928, both from the late 80’s. Oh, and Northern California looks just like Northern California… 🙂

Rating: I’m going to give Jobs a B-. A little above average because he may have been the first to chart this path, but, pretty average as these types of success stories go. But, it was nice to make the comparison between him and some of the other stories like this.

I saw this on DVD… I suggest the same for you…