Combine a mobster with a spy and you have John Wick. He’s a retired hitman who’s wife has recently died and he’s now faced with figuring out how to get on with his life… Until, the son of his former boss steals his car and kills his dog. What’d he do that for…

Story: This is just the next version of the revenge style, kill-them-all story. There’s a lot of shooting and a lot of fighting… and a little bit of driving. The thing I find unique about this version is that he functions like a spy… watching John Wick engage looks and feels like an espionage film, thought it’s clear this is about organized crime.

I like the way the writers make sure that each time his name is mentioned, everyone in the room has to take a minute to gather themselves. He’s apparently that scary and the film makes sure to get that point across.

I also liked the, “waste management” crew. They pull up to the scene in a branded van and jump suits with their names on them. This is the team who gets the call to clean up the mess after Mr. Wick has started working again. We now know why mobsters are all in the, “waste management” business…

Yes, the elements are the same; He’s invincible and takes out multiple attackers single handedly. The fantasy lives on…

Performances: It’s nice to see Keanu Reeves on film again. He does a good job of looking like he’s harmless and looking like what he’s doing is effortless. There are other small performances by Willem Dafoe and John Leguizamo, but, no other stand-out characters. Michael Nyqvist and Alfie Allen play the mob boss and his son.

Visual: Action film. There are a few explosions… There are a few nightclubs and some decadent behavior. But most importantly, there are lots of people who get shot and bleed.

Rating: B+. If you’re like me, you can never get enough of this kind of film. It’s as if you can tell the same mob story over and over again and every man in American will think it’s the greatest film ever… Like The Godfather and Scarface. We’re just looking for the next Godfather and Scarface.

Well, this aint it, but, it’s a mob film, so, we’ll take it anyway.

See it.