Nebraska is the story of an old man who thinks he’s won one million dollars. He gets one of those sweepstakes entries in the mail that says you’ve already won, but, doesn’t want to accept that its only valid if you buy magazines and your number is drawn. He thereafter guilts his son into driving him to the sweepstakes office in Lincoln, Nebraska to collect… and his son does it, knowing that it’s not real.

Story: This is a quiet film. When there is no dialogue, the silence is loud. This is a simple film. It’s really just a story about a family in the midwest with a drunk, old father who needs to be appeased. By the end of the movie, you get it. But, I’m not sure I’m impressed with how they got there.

However, the writers did insert some really great dialogue moments for the mother…

Performances: June Squibb as the mother in this film is outstanding. Oscar-worthy outstanding. Bruce Dern is okay, but, considering the other options for an Oscar, I would skip him. None of the other characters are of much note. The two sons are played by SNL alum Will Forte and Bob Odenkirk. Didn’t recognize any of the other characters with exception of a few scenes with Stacy Keach.

Visual: It’s a black and white. That is a nice touch and really serves as a character itself. It combines perfectly with the quiet of the film and the backdrop of Montana and Nebraska. It confirms how simple this story is…

Rating: Nebraska gets a C+. And it only gets that because of June Squibb’s performance. Her lines and her delivery are the most significant spark in the movie. The rest does leave you wondering if people in Montana are really that lifeless.

I would have told this story differently. I would have gotten to the same place, but, taken a more reasonable route – like not enabling my drunk/sorta senile father by driving him to Nebraska for no reason. A road trip to his hometown for some bonding time – yes… pretending we’re going to collect his million dollar prize – no.

This is a good film to see when you need something different to see… on DVD.