Peeples is the story of an affluent black family spending a holiday at their home on Long Island/The Hamptons. In fact, one of the characters in the movie referred to them as, “The chocolate Kennedy’s.” Just so ya know what we’re talking about here.

Story: This is another Tyler Perry productions, which I love for the exact reasons outlined above. He’s a master at showing that people in underrepresented groups can have summer homes and rich people problems as well. He basically takes traditional settings and circumstances and inserts a black family – including the cultural details that are unique to black families. This story feels real.

Performances: I truly have to say this is an ensemble effort. No one character stood out more than another. Yes, they each had moments where they shined, but, they each had those moments, so, they cancelled each other out and end up back at ensemble effort.

Kerry Washington, Craig Robinson, David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson, Tyler James Williams, Diahann Carroll – All delivered solid performances.

Visual: I think this is where I’m most happy to report. Tyler Perry’s films get more and more substantial. He’s truly becoming an A-list director, which is a challenge in Hollywood for ANY director.

But, his backdrops look the part exactly. The detail in his sets is spot-on and his overall continuity is as good as any director – big budget or not – in Hollywood.

Rating: Peeples get a B. I liked it, but, I’ve seen other Tyler Perry movies with stories I liked better. This was funny, but, it was no Madea movie. Those are the ones that are hysterical funny.

This is a good one for DVD if you’re a Tyler Perry fan. If not, just skip it and wait for his next Madea film… THOSE are must-sees…