The Equalizer is a mild action film about an everyday man who has some extraordinary skills. What appears to be a man who is living his life in peace and anonymity turns out to be a man who is a crusader for justice.

Story: This is a very well told story. It moves quickly so it leaves no moments to dwell in what is or isn’t happening. What the writers do best is make a clear distinction between crime and justice. The central character means no harm to anyone, he works only to defend himself and the people for whom he cares.

The writers also do a great job of creating a scenario, developing the details and wrapping it up.

Performances: Denzel Washington is fantastic in this role. As good – if not better – than his Oscar winning role in Training Day. The performance is defined by precision – you really believe he’s as bad-ass as he appears.

And it doesn’t feel like Denzel being Denzel or like some other role he’s done before. It feels fresh and it feels real. This is a character you wish was your co-worker…

Visual: It is an action film, but, not so much that the only thing that’s happening is things blowing up. People get shot, people get stabbed and slashed – people die. A lot of people die, but, they are all the bad guys. And, the filmmakers chose a large home improvement store as the backdrop for the central character. Perfect for making him just another everyday guy in an apron.

Rating: I’m giving The Equalizer an A-. I loved it, but, in the end I had to question the reality of the fallout. There’s a lot of damage left in this film. A lot. I can’t help but wonder what the people who find the damage have to say.

But, it’s the only thing I question. Ironically, I don’t question how Denzel’s character can take out a room of five men and walk away with just a splash of blood on his cheek. It feels real to me… but, I’ll let you be the judge. Go see it and tell me what you think…