WOW. I didn’t even know this was a Wes Anderson film when I started watching it, but, it was very clear right away from where this movie came… The Grand Budapest Hotel is a hilarious story about a hotel and the people who frequent it.

Story: This is hilarious. In classic Wes Anderson style, the story is odd, quirky and full of witty banter. It’s the perfect combination of propriety mixed with profanity. I also like that it moves quickly. There’s no time to get bored or dwell in a scene; As soon as we get into a scene, it gets wrapped up and the story moves on.

I don’t usually like stories where the individual parts overshadow the story as a whole, but, in this case, it works. The story as a whole… not so compelling, but, the scene where four of the characters punch each other in the face one after another – priceless.

Performances: Too many to count. I love the combination of cameos in this film. Every few scenes, you get another seasoned actor and they all deliver an equal level of comedy. This is truly and ensemble cast of the highest order. Ralph Fiennes plays the lead character and he delivers a good performance, but, Adrian Brody’s couple of appearances had dialogue that was outrageous.

Visual: Set mostly in the early 1930’s, the costumes are vivid and dramatic. The backdrop of the hotel is somewhat set-looking, but, I think it’s meant to be that way… and I love it. The edits are quick and there are also some action scenes that require some special effects that have the feel of action the way it was executed in the 1930‘s – totally fake looking – but with a 2014 twist. Hilarious.

Rating: A-. This film truly came out of nowhere. It wasn’t in theaters that long and it got very little buzz. But, it deserves every bit of attention the hollywood blockbusters get… I say more.

See this movie however you have access. This is one that you should make an extra effort to see just to give yourself an hour and a half of entertainment. I watched it twice and would gladly watch it again. See it…