So this movie-going experience was a bit different than usual… I actually got invited to the premier of Think Like a Man. Part of me was excited to go to a premier and part of me was not interested because I knew there would be a lot of people. I’m used to viewing movies by myself or with a handful of people, so, this was a departure.

First departure, Steve Harvey was 2 hours late! I chalk that up to him being a Clevelander and as a Clevelander, I get to insult him that way. Some things just don’t go away…

Anyway, Think Like a Man is a movie about a book Steve Harvey wrote of the same name. It basically reveals to women all the things they should be doing to get their man to be/do exactly what they want. Without argument.

It’s an ensemble cast that works well together with narrative cameos by Steve Harvey. Overall, I thought it was very well done. It had a polish to it that I would not have expected from Steve Harvey.

And of course, every type of man and every type of woman was portrayed. I think the thing that made it a little expected was the element of following some set of rules expecting to get the desired outcome. It was a more entertaining version of The Game and The Rules combined.

I think what saved this film is the twist on the relationships between the guys. The women were pretty standard; The successful, independent woman destined to be alone, the wounded single mother, the young woman who keeps dating the same type of guy and wondering why things aren’t changing and the overbearing mother.

The guys on the other hand seemed to be a bit different in dynamic. Steve Harvey introduced the multi-racial friendship that had a comfort level. The guys were completely good with being black or white, poking fun in a respectful way and owning whoever they were – Husband, boyfriend, Mama’s boy.

In the end, they all lived happily ever after. But, it was great fun and hilarious comedy getting there. It even made me consider reading the book, which, really does exist.

I highly recommend seeing this – maybe on DVD, but, definitely worth seeing.