J & G Steakhouse is the restaurant inside the new W Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. The location is prime; One block from The White House, next to the Department of Treasury and most importantly, in the building that used to be the landmark Hotel Washington.

Atmosphere: It’s on what would be the back-side of the hotel. Like most W hotels, it’s got a quirky layout. I think that’s their attempt at being cool, hip and funky… Ah huh… So, the restaurant decor is somewhat stark, somewhat sparse. It’s a big open room that’s a bit cold and uncomfortable. Doesn’t feel much like a steakhouse. Maybe they’re attempting to be ironic? It’s a D.

Food: So I had a steak. 🙂 Now, I’m positive you’re expecting me to say since its a steakhouse, they put down a mean steak. They did not put down a mean steak. The house steak sauce was good though. It was a hangar steak with marginal flavor. Looked nice but…

Service: There was a mix-up with the reservation, which, turned into a “Who’s on first,” kind of conversation. We happened to get seated in a section that was very – how to describe this – uncomfortable, awkward, but, looking back, the layout of the restaurant basically put everyone in a bit of an awkward position.

It just seemed like the server kept forgetting we were there. Luckily, we were so self-involved, we excused it. But, it was noticed…

The final word on J & G Steakhouse: If you’re in the area, don’t have a lot of time and the wait at Old Ebbitt Grill is too long, go to J & G Steakhouse. If you really want great service and great food, wait it out at Old Ebbitt. Any remnants of Hotel Washington are gone for sure.

J & G is very much a W product. I find most of their hotels to be very sterile and uninviting and their restaurants and bars follow suit. Have to give this one a C overall.