Still on the hunt for a new SUV…

So I drove the Volvo XC60 R-Design. It was completely different than I expected. It was everything I want in an SUV. Compact, strong acceleration, tight steering – sporty inside and out. It also goes without saying that the fit and finish were great, instrumentation great and it felt solid and sure-footed.

Actually, let me back up. I originally went to the Volvo dealership to see the Volvo XC90 R-Design. I’d seen one driving down the road and thought, “Now that’s a Volvo that doesn’t look like someone’s mother is driving it.” Someone’s mother was driving it, but, that’s not the point. I could stomach this version of the VOLVO.

What I liked about it is that it looked sportier than your average Volvo. And it was red, which, has become my color for SUV’s. Hmmm. It also had white seats with black contrast welting – otherwise called black piping – and sport wheels. Mmmm.

I drove the XC90 the last time I was in the market and it was the first runner-up. But, I was reminded why it was the first runner-up once I got to the dealership to consider Volvo again. The Price. Volvo’s are overpriced. Nice vehicles, but, priced about 20% too high. Still the first-runner up.

Reason: Volvo is not a volume retailer. Meaning, they only make enough cars to sell immediately. No excess inventory, thus, no need for EVERYTHING MUST GO sales. Great business model, but, horrible for active consumers.

So I’m still looking. I’m not paying the equivalent of a mortgage to drive a Volvo. Maybe for a Mercedes, but, not a Volvo. Volvo’s are for people who are loyal to Volvo and don’t do any comparison shopping. If that’s you, Volvo is waiting for your call…